Deep Cleaning

Scheduling a deep cleaning for your teeth is an important component of oral hygiene. While deep cleanings are not a routine procedure performed by your dental hygienist, they are effective treatments for gum and periodontal disease. Deep cleanings are typically performed for people who have not visited a dentist every six months for an extended period of time.

The first component of deep cleaning is when an evaluation is done by the dental hygienist. It starts with the use of an instrument called a probe that measures the swelling and pocketing in your gums. Pocketing occurs when there is space for bacteria to thrive in the gap between your gum and teeth. Typically the probe will measure the inflammation of the gum, and if the inflammation exceeds three or five millimeters, then a deep cleaning should be scheduled with your dental hygienist.

From here, the deep cleaning process takes on a more active phase. The name of the dental procedure is called scaling and root planing, but it is synonymous with deep cleaning. The first part, scaling, is where the dental hygienist removes the plaque from the gum pocketing by either scraping it with scaling tools or using an electric or ultrasonic instrument.

Once the pocketing is clear of any plaque and bacteria, the root planing can begin. Root planing is the removal of plaque and tartar from the surface of the roots of your teeth. This process can be painful, but most dentists will use local anesthesia.

After a deep cleaning, periodontal health should improve, as long as the patient continues to practice good oral hygiene. If you need to schedule a deep cleaning appointment in Coppell, Texas, then be sure to give Rick Larson DDS a call at 972-304-0489. Rick Larson DDS has years of experience, and everyone he hires is extremely knowledgeable and qualified. Don’t hesitate to improve your oral health — visit our website or call today!

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