Cosmetic Fillings

Composite fillings, sometimes called tooth-colored or cosmetic fillings, are a more discreet way of getting a filling done for your teeth. The alternative to composite is amalgam or gold fillings, which are more visible and shiny. For anyone who is concerned with having a white and bright smile, cosmetic fillings are a natural choice.

Cosmetic fillings are made from a composite resin formulated from, essentially, plastic and glass beads. Cosmetic fillings are non-toxic, and while they don’t last forever, they have a greater level of malleability and can withstand more thermal changes than amalgam fillings.

The effectiveness of cosmetic fillings depends on the skill of the dentist applying them. Skilled dentists should be able to blend different resins to match the color of your tooth exactly. While the cosmetic advantages of composite fillings are big, they also cost more than amalgam fillings. The price of cosmetic fillings can sometimes be up to two times the price of an amalgam filling. Many insurance companies will cover up to the cost of an amalgam filling, with the patient paying the difference between the two.

In addition to costing more, cosmetic fillings should not be used for larger cavities. While cosmetic fillings are as effective as amalgam fillings in small cavities, they can wear out much sooner when applied to larger fillings. Patients who receive cosmetic fillings can often experience postoperative sensitivity.

If you have cavities or chips in your teeth that need to be filled, be sure to visit Rick Larson DDS to get a superb cosmetic filling treatment in Coppell, Texas. Rick Larson DDS is experienced in performing a wide array of dental procedures, including filling cavities with cosmetic fillings. Our dedicated staff is here to make your smile radiant and shining. What are you waiting for? Give us a call today at 972-304-0489.

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